Author’s note: I haven’t posted anything since 5 months ago on my trip to Thailand, and I feel real stupid for that.

Alright guys, my time is finally rolling up on me. I have 8 days left of work here as an intern at Cartel Creative Inc. in Seoul Korea. It’s been a long year of working, studying, meeting friends and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to take the alternative path in my post-highschool journey as an “adult”

Just to attempt to make my clusterfuck of a brain translate into something easy simple would be nearly impossible, but I can say:

I don’t know where all the time went.

A year has nearly passed since I sat in my car with tears of joy running down my face. I had finally got a boarding ticket to my future, I had a lot of hope for what was to come. And there was definitely a lot that happened that I’d had never expected.



1- I didn’t learn as much Korean as I’d hoped to

2- I didn’t dance as much as I thought I would

3- Living on your own takes a lot of money

4- I fell in love and am now heading to Germany

5- I traveled a lot of Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan) in that order

6- I’ve learned to enjoy drinking beer

7- Soju works better than Vodka




First day in Thailand, we were stuck in traffic for a little over an hour until we got to G1’s place. We had our breakfast at the village kitchen, I had the Pad Thai and we all shared a bowl of spicy prawn soup which they call tom yum (It’s where MAMA instant noodles got their soup flavor from).



Best Pad Thai I’ve had in my life, and I only had to spend 40 Baht (About $1.33 USD). All the food here is mad cheap and amazing. I haven’t had one bad meal here so far.


My stomach died later on due to the pungency of the soup.

But that’s another story..


Soon after, Choco and I went back to G1’s place to chill while he went out to manage a dance showcase he had choreographed. The guy said he’d be back in around 3 hours, but ended up coming back like an hour later and from there we went out to a huge mall called “MBK Center” over in Siam. 




Choco and I got our rechargeable Thai SIM cards and a 1gb data plan + some minutes all for under $18! 


Later on we had head out to this one market full of tourists and spent the evening out at a pub called “Irish pub”, sipped on a couple of beers a person, had some good conversation about our life and times and called it an early night.


THE NEXT DAY 3/25/13


G1 had been pretty occupied with work and such, so we headed out to meet up one of his and Choco’s friend, Zlexii AKA Bboy ZlexiiFlow from Romeo Zerious Crew. Since he didn’t have time, Choco and I got dropped off at the nearest subway station to head back over to MBK Center to meet him. We had to go one stop down the line then transfer onto the “Skytrain”. It’s the same as your typical  subway system but above ground on a track running along these bridges specifically built for them.




These little pucks are your one-time ride on the subway. Placing it on the on the entrance pad moves those red paddles aside. When exiting, there’s a coin slot that you throw your puck in which lets you exit.

X minutes pass as we rode the subway/skytrain and we eventually arrived at Siam. Ate some lunch, looked around and got some drinks at Starbucks to pass the leftover time before Zlexii arrived.

Once we met up we went out to go meet up at a local Street apparel shop not too far from MBK called “Carnival”. Real dope shop, stocked up with a ton of Vans, Herschel supply, DGK and even some Supreme. We dropped off our bags and headed out to grab some quick lunch. I ended up eating the same thing I had for Breakfast but this time, we went out to a local street food alley. I can’t resist the Thai Tea.Image


Went back to Zlexii’s place to get washed up, rest, and then we went out to Train street market for some shopping and drinking.




Coco copped an oldschool Robocop 2 comic while I got myself a $6 pair of knockoff Dickies and another $3 pair in red for my hyung.


And according to the foreign procedure, got started on our long night of drinking with some of the Thai Bboys’





Then I stumbled upon this plate of nutty awesomeness and a giant Whisky filled gauntlet of Slurpee.




Great times.


DAY 3 – Woke up at 2 for some “breakfast” and had a late afternoon swim with Zlexii and his roommate/crewmate Visaz.



Then we headed out to session. I wasn’t ready for what was to come, which was practice outside on one of the walking bridges of the MBK Center.




A member of RMZ crew Japan came up today, so the rest of the crew was busy greeting him at the airport. Good practice tonight! 

Out of nowhere, Bboy Catatao (Tsunami Allstars Crew) from Sao Paulo, Brazil and his girlfriend Karen from Denmark greeted us and went out with us for dinner.




For dinner we went out to this spot not too far away, maybe 20 minutes by cab. I died of happiness to say the least.




Fried Chicken, spaghetti, toast, french fries and salad all for 80 Baht ($2.71 USD). Good eating for almost always less than $5 anywhere you go. I’ma miss these meals.


I’m going to end this post here. I’ll try and get myself to start back up on my blogging shit but just be patient with me. I’m a lazy guy.



Pretty cool date haha. Hope ya’ll in the US catch on today(Your today, it’s 9:50 over here)

Sorry I haven’t really been keeping up on my blog. I’ve been ridiculously tired lately for some reason but I’ll try my best to put out something every when I can!

-Looking back at where I left off on my last post-

Aight, so we left off before I started on


Another day at the office. Still was working on the business cards (I’m down to about a stack of 70 and a couple namecard binders. So close!) Went out with Dyzee to session at T.I.P Crew’s studio. Too out of shape. I had eaten some Dokbukki(Spicy rice cake) before I left the office and that kinda’ set my stomach off as well but I gotta’ blame myself for being in the shape I’m in. Smaggin 2-3 a day and this being my first session since I’ve gotten here, I ended up puking. I have to say, being around these guys really gets me in that creative state of mind. Very inspiring and tons of originality all around the room. I didn’t take any pictures of T.I.P to this day, but I’ll make sure to snap some this Saturday.


I was supposed to head over to the office by 11 to help out with a K-pop cypher battle… But I ended up sleeping in… Sorry 민기 and 규진 형’s…

So instead, I went back to plan A and went out to session at T.I.P with Dyzee and his crew, Seoul Seekers. Met tons of chill ass people. Definitely a crowd with character. Most of them are english teachers at preschools and such, others are doing some other kind of work or something along the lines. I also met a kid that attends Yonsei’s language program, but the morning classes instead.

Practice was dope. We started off with -Insert confidential shit- and went into -some more confidential shit- and ended with some -confidentialconfidentiallolol- haha just kiddin’ with ya’ll, but forreal You guys don’t needa’ know 😉

Session ended and the majority of us went out to eat some pho. For all those who know whassup.. You’d know how nervous I was. Korean pho is bad. For the majority at least.

They don’t even got any sriracha, and their purple hoison sauce or whatever was shitty as shit. Not too clever but that’s just how it was. Luckily, one of the guys brought a bottle of the cock sauce! Cool think be that he’s in 오산(Osan) airbase! The same base that my brother was stationed in over here! On top of that he’s from Lake O! Small world right?

But back to my Korean Pho rant-

1- No cock sauce and shitty hoison as I said

2- They don’t got Pho dac biet

3- They put their beansprouts and white onions in prior to serving

4- They do not give raw beansprouts

5- Rather than onions, they give you pickled radish. i learned this the hard way.


7- Lemons, not lime. What the?

8- Taste is mediocre and it’s was about $9 for a large.

I want my pho. I want my Muchas Gracias. I want my Red Robins. ~_~

Later that night I had gone out to skate a hill at Seoul Tech. institute with Jack 형 from Mind!

We got stuck in traffic for pretty much the whole way there and ended up taking 2 hours and 30 minutes rather than the 40 it was supposed to be. I took advantage of the car time and got my spit on. I have found out that I rap the best in a car hahahahahaha I’m so lame. It’s tight though, he knew quite a few songs that I played!

This is the hill! Say hi Jack!ImageDope ass night, there’s lots of local skaters that come out and session up to like 2 in the morning. ImageImageImageImageJack Hyung goofin on his Phantom-ImageGettin’ down on some downhill, not me though. I’m a pussy.ImageToo stoked!ImageOverall it was a good session. Met some new faces, didn’t stack it too hard and had a great time. We went out to the same chicken joint! Didn’t have any fried chicken though hehe. We had this orgasmic stuff instead..ImageThen we had this other stuff… It’s called 골뱅이(Gulbengee)ImageGulbengee is the name of the snail type shit they put in there. It’s not bad but it’s not good.. At least to me. It’s funky dawg..


I slept all day. Woke up around 5 to get ready to go out to dinner with my Grandma’s and Mamma Kim since I was moving the next day.Image We had some dank ass 갈비(Kalbi, korean short ribs)! Image수원성 갈비명가(Suonsong kalbimyungga) Don’t ask me what “myungga” means, i have no clue ): Anyways, Dinner was crazy amazing.You start off with one of those moist towelettes-ImageThen you get bombarded with 103958235 different side dishes..-ImageThen the actual main course comes out. There’s a God… – ImageWith Korean BBQ, you always wrap up a whole bunch of random shit into a lettuce leaf-ImageThen you eat it as a little ball, like so-ImageI suck at wrapping them. My grandmas always make a perfect little sphere of unbelievable deliciousness…….. OqO

Well, that’s about it.. I haven’t been taking too many flicks. Next post I’ll make sure to show ya’ll my Snaz Pad! Hope all my Homies and all my girls are doing aight. Add my skype if ya’ll trying to talk. Stay up.

One love.

Don’t really remember this week all too well…

For starters, I went out to skate an actual hill for my first time in Korea with MIND boardshop.ImageIt was pretty awesome. I met a couple of elders that have been very welcoming towards me!ImageImage

The hill isn’t bad at all. Very clean, well lit, not too steep for me to be scared shitless and it’s a decent length! Only thing is that it has a few sewer covers that get in the way at the start. I’m not complaining though 🙂

ImageAfterwards as we were heading home, they had invited me to go out and drink a couple brews and eat some fried chicken! HELL YEAH! ImageMeet Jack(Jaqusang, Cheffin’ on the left)) hyung, Donghyuk hyung(Middle), and Juyeon Noona(Right)! Donghyuk hyung is the owner of Mind boardshop, while Juyeon noona and Jack hyung work there as employee’s. ImageOne thing Korea is doing right, they give you different types of sausage. That’s like 5 different types of meat on that fuckin’ plate yo- AND JOJO’S! Plus they know their fried chicken.ImageAww a little blurry, but it’s not like you guys can taste the orgasmic juices coming out of this basket of mouthful clusterfuck. Speaking of fuck, this couple be cupcakin’ the whole time we were there.ImageMmmm somewhere along the way I turned my head to check up on them.. This guy….ImageMy new favorite thing to do is skate home buzzed off a few brews 🙂

The next day (Oct 3rd)-

I spent the whole day sleeping. Probably because I was exhausted from the skating. Jack hyung invited me to come chill at the shop, and so I did. Since he’s sponsored by MIND, he had gotten freshly hooked up with a brand new setup. ImagePretty sick. That white fiberglass on top matched with the vicious griptape really steezes the shit out of it. I was supposed to go out to ride with the crew but ended up going home to go shop with Mama Kim. We went to E-Mart and grabbed a shit ton of towels, some silverware and a couple of other stuff. Laid back day!

Oct 4th, Back to work and my first day at school/Orientation!-

Work is laid back. It’s the usual, wake up at 9, leave by 9:40 and get to work by 11. Still working on those business cards. I’m so close to being done, only like 300 left! 🙂 From now on I’ll be leaving the office a little early every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for school. I think it was 5:30? But yeah, Yonsei ain’t no joke. This is the crosswalk at the intersection in front of the school.ImageNearly all the people you see are students. It was the same on my side as well.. Excuse the blurry picture though. I hadn’t looked up for a little while and ended up snapping the picture right when the crosswalk light hit green. You can’t skate behind people!

Orientation was gay, class was easy. I guess our teacher doesn’t really like to speak english, that way we’re not encouraged to do the same. I already went over this shit ages ago though..ImageFortunately, Yonsei is made up of nearly all hills. UNFORTUNATELY, it’s fucking steep as hell. Too much for me right now 😦

You know what, I’m tired as fuck. I’ma cut off right here. I’ll finish this up tomorrow when I get the chance. Moving into my apartment! Yeeyuh! Night everyone!

Day 10-

Happy 추석(Chuseok) Everyone! in other words, happy Korean Thanksgiving! For the DL go ahead and check this little blog I just googled up.

I pretty much did nothing all morning. My mom and family had all gone to church and to go visit someone’s grave while I went out to skate the bridge. I don’t remember who’s, but they ended up hitting traffic pretty hard and turning around, leaving my session short-lived. Soon after, mom and I headed to the subway to go allll the way over to 마석(Maseok) to meet up with my 큰아빠(kun-appa, my father’s older brother)’s family and my other relatives that my mom and I had met up with in 천안(Cheonan).ImageSoon as we got there, I couldn’t help but be a fatass. I love these things.ImageSoon after, we left to go eat some Shabu Shabu, peep the fam bam!ImageImageSo from my experience, Shabu Shabu is pretty much just meat you cook in a broth or whatever they give you. Fuckin’ delicious. I usually don’t eat mushrooms but tonight was an exception.ImageImageFUCK I’M MAKING MYSELF HUNGRY LOOKING AT THIS! THAT KIMCHI WAS BOMB TOO..

After all the Shabu Shabu is eaten up, they give you a bowl of noodles to dump into the broth.ImageWHABAMB, You got yourself some 칼국수(Kalgooksoo)!ImageOkay, we ain’t done though. AFTER THAT, they pour out the remaining broth and use the seasoned pot to make some mo’fuckin 볶음밥(Bokkumbab AKA FRIED FUCKING RICE)!ImageOh and throughout the whole night my uncle and I are taking mad shots of Soju. ImageWe only got through 3 bottles.. Excuse my bitchass-ness..

Afterwards, Little itty-bitty 석우(Seokoo), the newest 막내(Youngest of the family, I was the previous..) wanted to go bowling! He didn’t even bowl though.. My drunk uncle, mom, 누나 and the drunk me played a game.. Let’s just say we all sucked really bad. I mean, my shitty bowling skills are to blame but those lanes were so shitty! That bowling alley had maybe 15 lanes. Tiny as fuck! Not even worth a picture(Just kidding, I didn’t remember to take one.)

After we got home, my uncle and I started drinking some beer and random drunk craving- I wanted some fried chicken. I happened to blurt it out and we actually freakin’ ordered some.ImageYou might be wondering what those white things are mixed in. No they ain’t marshmallows, they’re fried rice cakes. Super tasty! I can’t tell you how happy I was! Korean fried chicken really is the best. Besides Popeyes.. Fuuuuck I WANT SOME POPEYES!

Afterwards we just talked for a little longer and eventually all went to bed. T’was a good night.

Day 11-

I had a very slight hangover and didn’t want to get out of bed.


I made myself get up at 11:30 to join my family for breakfast. My Grandma made 족발(Jukbal). Oh hell yeah!ImageSo take a guess at what this stuff is-…

It’s pig feet. Delicious, fat, flavorful pig feet. We had some 김치국(Kimchi gook/Kimchi soup) along with it. Overall it was a pretty damn good breakfast. Afterwards we all got ready and headed out to the local cafe. On the way to the car I spotted out this badboy right next to the elevator. Ripsticks are overrated.Image Swear to god, this place is straight out of a K-Drama.ImageIt’s combined with a tiny little apartment complex which rests on top. It’s also right beside someone’s harvest.ImageImageThe drinks are on point too.ImageImageCan’t say it’s not awesome. Definitely bringing a future girlfriend here one day.

Afterwards we drove up a steep ass hill to go walk on some kind of trail. There happened to be a temple on the way there and I insisted that we should stop by and take a look. We ended up not going to walk on that trail but whatever, it was dope!ImageHere’s a little ever-running water fountain. Those little red ladles’ on the top are for you to use to drink the water.ImageLil’ Seokoo going ham on the lychee-looking tree droppings.ImageImageImageImageImageCrazy cool rest area!-ImageImageImageImageImageAs I was taking this photo, my cousin had told me that it’s a custom to stack a rock on top and say a prayer.

We left after 30 minutes or so and went straight back to 분당(Bundang) to drop my mom and me off. I pretty much fell asleep to my iTouch for the whole ride.

Once we got back, I looked up the local skateshop address and plugged it in as soon as my iTouch and phone had a little more battery. I can literally skate there in 5 minutes! I talked to the guy working the counter, Jack. Fortunately he actually speaks some English and was able to tell me where the local skate spot is! On top of that, he’s actually visited the NW to skate. He knows all about Rip City Skate and Motion Boardshop up in Seattle. It really is a small world! I bought a helmet, chatted for a sec, exchanged numbers and headed to the bridge for a quick session before heading out to dinner.

Tonight, we had Chinese.

1st course-ImageSome weird wet noodles with shrimp, cucumber, beef, soy-seasoned egg and a cherry tomato. Tasted just like 물냉면(Mool nengmyun/Cold Buckwheat noodles)!

2nd course-ImageI have no idea what this one was. Some kind of soup with crab and mushrooms. I’m thinking it was egg flour?

3rd course-ImageSpicy deep fried shrimp. DANK!

4th Course-ImageEggrolls and 탕수육(Tangsooyook)! English name? The fuckin’ bomb.

5th course-ImageDoesn’t matter what this was, it tasted pretty shitty.

Main/last dish-ImageAww yeah, 자장면(Jajangmyun/black bean noodles)! Some of the best I’ve ever had! Was waiting for JUST THIS all dinner long. Soon after finishing our noodles we headed out for home. I skated ahead and got home super quick so I could shower and relax. Solid day.

That’s all, I’m off work for 2 more days, and on Wednesday I’m going up to the hills to session with the Riders over at MIND boardshop. i’ll make sure to get some good flicks for you guys!

One love!

At this point I doubt I’ll be updating every day.. I’m just too lazy or too tired to out all that’s been going on. i’ll do my best to put out something for ya’ll at least every week though (:

Work has been easy on my for the most part. All i’ve really done so far is punch in business cards into Microsoft Excel, punch in receipts into Excel and some translating for BOTY Korea’s website. I mean, the stuff I do on excel is really simple but not having any Korean letters on my keyboard really slows me down. As for the translating.. I’m pretty much fucked on that. Luckily I have my mom, my dad and my cousins to help me. I asked my Dad for help and to my surprise, he sent back the whole thing translated a few hours later. Hell yeah!

Let’s go down the list, starting at day 7-

I spent all of day 7 on the name cards. Pretty easy, just really boring and repetitive. I went out with Dyzee and one of my hyungs'(I keep forgetting his name..) to lunch at 재미(Je-me). I had this bomb ass bowl of rice, some type of spicy meat with an egg on top. I don’t know what was in it, but it was amazing. It’s that picture I threw up on instagram if ya’ll follow me. If you don’t, @bigappa for all you instawhores and tweeters :).

I was too hungry. I ended up eating an extra bowl of rice along with half of my hyung’s remaining soup. 

After work I had asked my co-worker Laura if I could tag along with her to go watch Taken 2. Everyone say hi!ImageLittle bit of unnecessary background, she’s 29 years old, has been living in Korea for 6 years and came here from London. She pretty much paid for my ticket and popcorn and I’m very grateful for that 🙂 before we had left the office we were talking about how she hates people that talk during a movie, and to her luck she had a couple cupcakin’ and all that jazz right beside her HAHA. All that aside, the movie is sick! I guess it’s a little on the corny side but it’s still sick watching this guy mow down like 2103958235 different guys in the span of 2 hours. Afterwards we had parted ways and I was lucky enough to catch the last train on my last transfer going back home. This was in that last train-ImageGod damn G Dragon…

But before I had gone in to sleep, I stopped by the bridge in front of the apartments.ImageIt’s a bridge that’s has the arc of a (. The slope isn’t too great but the concrete is super smooth. It’s not like I’m able to pull fat slides yet anyways. I’ll take what I can get!

Day 8-

I spent the day working on the business cards and sorting/punching in one of my hyung’s receipts. Today was the first time it’s rained since I’ve been here. I guess it’s that time of the year here.

I went out to lunch w/ Dyzee and the same hyung again! This time we all had the 고추장 찌게(Gochujang jigae)ImageLater towards the evening, someone asked if anyone wanted icecream. My Noona had asked if I wanted some too so I gladly said yes! She told me to come over and I guess we were playing rock paper scissors for who goes out and buys for everyone playing (There were 7 others). I fuckin’ lost yo. The youngest kid in the office has to go out and buy icecream for everyone ): Although that was $8 out of my pocket, my Noona had given me her UK Bboy Championships New Era! What a come up right? I’d take a picture but I left it at the office. I already was wearing a hat so might as well bring it home another day right?

I ended up eating dinner at the office again. I ordered 김치 벅굼밥(Kimchi fried rice)ImageOnly 5000원(About $5) too!

Things started to slow down and eventually i left the office. On the way home I saw this in the subway-ImageIt’s in the same one as that orange one from my earlier post, just on the way opposite end.. Learning new things every day I guess haha. I went to go skate the bridge again for maybe 15 minutes and went home. I ended up going out to drink later all the way over in 잠실(Jamsil) which is 30-40 minutes by subway.

I got drunk at a pub somewhere around there and went to go sing karaoke at a nearby 너래방(Singing room/Karaoke lol). I ended up on a cab going all the way back the the apartments. I made it back alive even after falling asleep on the way there. I can’t tell you how lucky I am that the cab driver didn’t fuck me over. What a good night!

Day 9-

I slept in until like what.. 1:30 today? It felt great to just lay in bed until the afternoon! Mom was eager to show me my new apartment, so we went all the way to 신천(Sincheon) where my new school is. On the way there we saw this dude that was super drunk just collapsed half on the ground/half on the subway train seat. Some old dude eventually came up to him, tried getting him to get up and called the security to help him get home or something. 

A fat guy in his mid 20’s with a high pitch voice came to help him. He looked like Russel from Up ~_~

My soon-to-be apartment is pretty dope.I’ll show you guys soon but the girl living in it left it in shambles today morning. Clothes and underwear all over, make up and mirror laying on the ground, etc that kinda’ shit haha. Took a little teaser though.ImageOutside is a pretty sick tag though!ImageI didn’t expect there to be a ton of Graffiti in Korea..

And on the way back in the Subway I saw this creepy ass scuplture..ImageBunny is coming after your ass. Nigga.

Momma and I went back home, rested up for a sec and went out to go eat some dinner! I was really craving Korean bbq so we went to a nearby restaurant that seemed to be busy.

ImageYou see that meat? Yeah, they give you bricks of meet. It’s called 칼삼겹살(Kal samgyupsal) The only difference is that they give the meat to you whole and cut it up after it’s been partially cooked, then bring it back for you to finish grilling yourself. We also had some spicy 칼국수(Kal guksu) and that meat that we had back in 천안!ImageImageMy mom and I both agreed dinner was mediocre and wayyyy too overpriced for what it was. We spent 40,000원 for just the two of us, which is about $38 or so..

That’s pretty much it for today. I haven’t really done much in these last few days cause of work but please bare with me. Hope all ya’ll are doing fine back in the states.. I’m missing all the homies mad crazy. It gets lonely out here, no homo. Have a good day everyone.

One love.