8 more days

Author’s note: I haven’t posted anything since 5 months ago on my trip to Thailand, and I feel real stupid for that.

Alright guys, my time is finally rolling up on me. I have 8 days left of work here as an intern at Cartel Creative Inc. in Seoul Korea. It’s been a long year of working, studying, meeting friends and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to take the alternative path in my post-highschool journey as an “adult”

Just to attempt to make my clusterfuck of a brain translate into something easy simple would be nearly impossible, but I can say:

I don’t know where all the time went.

A year has nearly passed since I sat in my car with tears of joy running down my face. I had finally got a boarding ticket to my future, I had a lot of hope for what was to come. And there was definitely a lot that happened that I’d had never expected.



1- I didn’t learn as much Korean as I’d hoped to

2- I didn’t dance as much as I thought I would

3- Living on your own takes a lot of money

4- I fell in love and am now heading to Germany

5- I traveled a lot of Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan) in that order

6- I’ve learned to enjoy drinking beer

7- Soju works better than Vodka




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