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First day in Thailand, we were stuck in traffic for a little over an hour until we got to G1’s place. We had our breakfast at the village kitchen, I had the Pad Thai and we all shared a bowl of spicy prawn soup which they call tom yum (It’s where MAMA instant noodles got their soup flavor from).



Best Pad Thai I’ve had in my life, and I only had to spend 40 Baht (About $1.33 USD). All the food here is mad cheap and amazing. I haven’t had one bad meal here so far.


My stomach died later on due to the pungency of the soup.

But that’s another story..


Soon after, Choco and I went back to G1’s place to chill while he went out to manage a dance showcase he had choreographed. The guy said he’d be back in around 3 hours, but ended up coming back like an hour later and from there we went out to a huge mall called “MBK Center” over in Siam. 




Choco and I got our rechargeable Thai SIM cards and a 1gb data plan + some minutes all for under $18! 


Later on we had head out to this one market full of tourists and spent the evening out at a pub called “Irish pub”, sipped on a couple of beers a person, had some good conversation about our life and times and called it an early night.


THE NEXT DAY 3/25/13


G1 had been pretty occupied with work and such, so we headed out to meet up one of his and Choco’s friend, Zlexii AKA Bboy ZlexiiFlow from Romeo Zerious Crew. Since he didn’t have time, Choco and I got dropped off at the nearest subway station to head back over to MBK Center to meet him. We had to go one stop down the line then transfer onto the “Skytrain”. It’s the same as your typical  subway system but above ground on a track running along these bridges specifically built for them.




These little pucks are your one-time ride on the subway. Placing it on the on the entrance pad moves those red paddles aside. When exiting, there’s a coin slot that you throw your puck in which lets you exit.

X minutes pass as we rode the subway/skytrain and we eventually arrived at Siam. Ate some lunch, looked around and got some drinks at Starbucks to pass the leftover time before Zlexii arrived.

Once we met up we went out to go meet up at a local Street apparel shop not too far from MBK called “Carnival”. Real dope shop, stocked up with a ton of Vans, Herschel supply, DGK and even some Supreme. We dropped off our bags and headed out to grab some quick lunch. I ended up eating the same thing I had for Breakfast but this time, we went out to a local street food alley. I can’t resist the Thai Tea.Image


Went back to Zlexii’s place to get washed up, rest, and then we went out to Train street market for some shopping and drinking.




Coco copped an oldschool Robocop 2 comic while I got myself a $6 pair of knockoff Dickies and another $3 pair in red for my hyung.


And according to the foreign procedure, got started on our long night of drinking with some of the Thai Bboys’





Then I stumbled upon this plate of nutty awesomeness and a giant Whisky filled gauntlet of Slurpee.




Great times.


DAY 3 – Woke up at 2 for some “breakfast” and had a late afternoon swim with Zlexii and his roommate/crewmate Visaz.



Then we headed out to session. I wasn’t ready for what was to come, which was practice outside on one of the walking bridges of the MBK Center.




A member of RMZ crew Japan came up today, so the rest of the crew was busy greeting him at the airport. Good practice tonight! 

Out of nowhere, Bboy Catatao (Tsunami Allstars Crew) from Sao Paulo, Brazil and his girlfriend Karen from Denmark greeted us and went out with us for dinner.




For dinner we went out to this spot not too far away, maybe 20 minutes by cab. I died of happiness to say the least.




Fried Chicken, spaghetti, toast, french fries and salad all for 80 Baht ($2.71 USD). Good eating for almost always less than $5 anywhere you go. I’ma miss these meals.


I’m going to end this post here. I’ll try and get myself to start back up on my blogging shit but just be patient with me. I’m a lazy guy.