“This last week” CTD. 10/16/12

Pretty cool date haha. Hope ya’ll in the US catch on today(Your today, it’s 9:50 over here)

Sorry I haven’t really been keeping up on my blog. I’ve been ridiculously tired lately for some reason but I’ll try my best to put out something every when I can!

-Looking back at where I left off on my last post-

Aight, so we left off before I started on


Another day at the office. Still was working on the business cards (I’m down to about a stack of 70 and a couple namecard binders. So close!) Went out with Dyzee to session at T.I.P Crew’s studio. Too out of shape. I had eaten some Dokbukki(Spicy rice cake) before I left the office and that kinda’ set my stomach off as well but I gotta’ blame myself for being in the shape I’m in. Smaggin 2-3 a day and this being my first session since I’ve gotten here, I ended up puking. I have to say, being around these guys really gets me in that creative state of mind. Very inspiring and tons of originality all around the room. I didn’t take any pictures of T.I.P to this day, but I’ll make sure to snap some this Saturday.


I was supposed to head over to the office by 11 to help out with a K-pop cypher battle… But I ended up sleeping in… Sorry 민기 and 규진 형’s…

So instead, I went back to plan A and went out to session at T.I.P with Dyzee and his crew, Seoul Seekers. Met tons of chill ass people. Definitely a crowd with character. Most of them are english teachers at preschools and such, others are doing some other kind of work or something along the lines. I also met a kid that attends Yonsei’s language program, but the morning classes instead.

Practice was dope. We started off with -Insert confidential shit- and went into -some more confidential shit- and ended with some -confidentialconfidentiallolol- haha just kiddin’ with ya’ll, but forreal You guys don’t needa’ know 😉

Session ended and the majority of us went out to eat some pho. For all those who know whassup.. You’d know how nervous I was. Korean pho is bad. For the majority at least.

They don’t even got any sriracha, and their purple hoison sauce or whatever was shitty as shit. Not too clever but that’s just how it was. Luckily, one of the guys brought a bottle of the cock sauce! Cool think be that he’s in 오산(Osan) airbase! The same base that my brother was stationed in over here! On top of that he’s from Lake O! Small world right?

But back to my Korean Pho rant-

1- No cock sauce and shitty hoison as I said

2- They don’t got Pho dac biet

3- They put their beansprouts and white onions in prior to serving

4- They do not give raw beansprouts

5- Rather than onions, they give you pickled radish. i learned this the hard way.


7- Lemons, not lime. What the?

8- Taste is mediocre and it’s was about $9 for a large.

I want my pho. I want my Muchas Gracias. I want my Red Robins. ~_~

Later that night I had gone out to skate a hill at Seoul Tech. institute with Jack 형 from Mind!

We got stuck in traffic for pretty much the whole way there and ended up taking 2 hours and 30 minutes rather than the 40 it was supposed to be. I took advantage of the car time and got my spit on. I have found out that I rap the best in a car hahahahahaha I’m so lame. It’s tight though, he knew quite a few songs that I played!

This is the hill! Say hi Jack!ImageDope ass night, there’s lots of local skaters that come out and session up to like 2 in the morning. ImageImageImageImageJack Hyung goofin on his Phantom-ImageGettin’ down on some downhill, not me though. I’m a pussy.ImageToo stoked!ImageOverall it was a good session. Met some new faces, didn’t stack it too hard and had a great time. We went out to the same chicken joint! Didn’t have any fried chicken though hehe. We had this orgasmic stuff instead..ImageThen we had this other stuff… It’s called 골뱅이(Gulbengee)ImageGulbengee is the name of the snail type shit they put in there. It’s not bad but it’s not good.. At least to me. It’s funky dawg..


I slept all day. Woke up around 5 to get ready to go out to dinner with my Grandma’s and Mamma Kim since I was moving the next day.Image We had some dank ass 갈비(Kalbi, korean short ribs)! Image수원성 갈비명가(Suonsong kalbimyungga) Don’t ask me what “myungga” means, i have no clue ): Anyways, Dinner was crazy amazing.You start off with one of those moist towelettes-ImageThen you get bombarded with 103958235 different side dishes..-ImageThen the actual main course comes out. There’s a God… – ImageWith Korean BBQ, you always wrap up a whole bunch of random shit into a lettuce leaf-ImageThen you eat it as a little ball, like so-ImageI suck at wrapping them. My grandmas always make a perfect little sphere of unbelievable deliciousness…….. OqO

Well, that’s about it.. I haven’t been taking too many flicks. Next post I’ll make sure to show ya’ll my Snaz Pad! Hope all my Homies and all my girls are doing aight. Add my skype if ya’ll trying to talk. Stay up.

One love.

  1. Rachel menefee said:

    Dude I hope your spine is okay!
    Seems like you’re getting hurt a lot!
    Be careful and miss you bro!

  2. Andy Choi said:

    Go big or go home.
    Downhill is really fun.
    Galbee in Korea is probably way better than galbee here.. 😦

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