This last week (Oct 2-Oct 8th)-

Don’t really remember this week all too well…

For starters, I went out to skate an actual hill for my first time in Korea with MIND boardshop.ImageIt was pretty awesome. I met a couple of elders that have been very welcoming towards me!ImageImage

The hill isn’t bad at all. Very clean, well lit, not too steep for me to be scared shitless and it’s a decent length! Only thing is that it has a few sewer covers that get in the way at the start. I’m not complaining though πŸ™‚

ImageAfterwards as we were heading home, they had invited me to go out and drink a couple brews and eat some fried chicken! HELL YEAH!Β ImageMeet Jack(Jaqusang, Cheffin’ on the left)) hyung, Donghyuk hyung(Middle), and Juyeon Noona(Right)! Donghyuk hyung is the owner of Mind boardshop, while Juyeon noona and Jack hyung work there as employee’s.Β ImageOne thing Korea is doing right, they give you different types of sausage. That’s like 5 different types of meat on that fuckin’ plate yo- AND JOJO’S! Plus they know their fried chicken.ImageAww a little blurry, but it’s not like you guys can taste the orgasmic juices coming out of this basket of mouthful clusterfuck. Speaking of fuck, this couple be cupcakin’ the whole time we were there.ImageMmmm somewhere along the way I turned my head to check up on them.. This guy….ImageMy new favorite thing to do is skate home buzzed off a few brews πŸ™‚

The next day (Oct 3rd)-

I spent the whole day sleeping. Probably because I was exhausted from the skating. Jack hyung invited me to come chill at the shop, and so I did. Since he’s sponsored by MIND, he had gotten freshly hooked up with a brand new setup.Β ImagePretty sick. That white fiberglass on top matched with the vicious griptape really steezes the shit out of it. I was supposed to go out to ride with the crew but ended up going home to go shop with Mama Kim. We went to E-Mart and grabbed a shit ton of towels, some silverware and a couple of other stuff. Laid back day!

Oct 4th, Back to work and my first day at school/Orientation!-

Work is laid back. It’s the usual, wake up at 9, leave by 9:40 and get to work by 11. Still working on those business cards. I’m so close to being done, only like 300 left! πŸ™‚ From now on I’ll be leaving the office a little early every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for school. I think it was 5:30? But yeah, Yonsei ain’t no joke. This is the crosswalk at the intersection in front of the school.ImageNearly all the people you see are students. It was the same on my side as well.. Excuse the blurry picture though. I hadn’t looked up for a little while and ended up snapping the picture right when the crosswalk light hit green. You can’t skate behind people!

Orientation was gay, class was easy. I guess our teacher doesn’t really like to speak english, that way we’re not encouraged to do the same. I already went over this shit ages ago though..ImageFortunately, Yonsei is made up of nearly all hills. UNFORTUNATELY, it’s fucking steep as hell. Too much for me right now 😦

You know what, I’m tired as fuck. I’ma cut off right here. I’ll finish this up tomorrow when I get the chance. Moving into my apartment! Yeeyuh! Night everyone!


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