Days’ 10/11 HAPPY 추석!

Day 10-

Happy 추석(Chuseok) Everyone! in other words, happy Korean Thanksgiving! For the DL go ahead and check this little blog I just googled up.

I pretty much did nothing all morning. My mom and family had all gone to church and to go visit someone’s grave while I went out to skate the bridge. I don’t remember who’s, but they ended up hitting traffic pretty hard and turning around, leaving my session short-lived. Soon after, mom and I headed to the subway to go allll the way over to 마석(Maseok) to meet up with my 큰아빠(kun-appa, my father’s older brother)’s family and my other relatives that my mom and I had met up with in 천안(Cheonan).ImageSoon as we got there, I couldn’t help but be a fatass. I love these things.ImageSoon after, we left to go eat some Shabu Shabu, peep the fam bam!ImageImageSo from my experience, Shabu Shabu is pretty much just meat you cook in a broth or whatever they give you. Fuckin’ delicious. I usually don’t eat mushrooms but tonight was an exception.ImageImageFUCK I’M MAKING MYSELF HUNGRY LOOKING AT THIS! THAT KIMCHI WAS BOMB TOO..

After all the Shabu Shabu is eaten up, they give you a bowl of noodles to dump into the broth.ImageWHABAMB, You got yourself some 칼국수(Kalgooksoo)!ImageOkay, we ain’t done though. AFTER THAT, they pour out the remaining broth and use the seasoned pot to make some mo’fuckin 볶음밥(Bokkumbab AKA FRIED FUCKING RICE)!ImageOh and throughout the whole night my uncle and I are taking mad shots of Soju. ImageWe only got through 3 bottles.. Excuse my bitchass-ness..

Afterwards, Little itty-bitty 석우(Seokoo), the newest 막내(Youngest of the family, I was the previous..) wanted to go bowling! He didn’t even bowl though.. My drunk uncle, mom, 누나 and the drunk me played a game.. Let’s just say we all sucked really bad. I mean, my shitty bowling skills are to blame but those lanes were so shitty! That bowling alley had maybe 15 lanes. Tiny as fuck! Not even worth a picture(Just kidding, I didn’t remember to take one.)

After we got home, my uncle and I started drinking some beer and random drunk craving- I wanted some fried chicken. I happened to blurt it out and we actually freakin’ ordered some.ImageYou might be wondering what those white things are mixed in. No they ain’t marshmallows, they’re fried rice cakes. Super tasty! I can’t tell you how happy I was! Korean fried chicken really is the best. Besides Popeyes.. Fuuuuck I WANT SOME POPEYES!

Afterwards we just talked for a little longer and eventually all went to bed. T’was a good night.

Day 11-

I had a very slight hangover and didn’t want to get out of bed.


I made myself get up at 11:30 to join my family for breakfast. My Grandma made 족발(Jukbal). Oh hell yeah!ImageSo take a guess at what this stuff is-…

It’s pig feet. Delicious, fat, flavorful pig feet. We had some 김치국(Kimchi gook/Kimchi soup) along with it. Overall it was a pretty damn good breakfast. Afterwards we all got ready and headed out to the local cafe. On the way to the car I spotted out this badboy right next to the elevator. Ripsticks are overrated.Image Swear to god, this place is straight out of a K-Drama.ImageIt’s combined with a tiny little apartment complex which rests on top. It’s also right beside someone’s harvest.ImageImageThe drinks are on point too.ImageImageCan’t say it’s not awesome. Definitely bringing a future girlfriend here one day.

Afterwards we drove up a steep ass hill to go walk on some kind of trail. There happened to be a temple on the way there and I insisted that we should stop by and take a look. We ended up not going to walk on that trail but whatever, it was dope!ImageHere’s a little ever-running water fountain. Those little red ladles’ on the top are for you to use to drink the water.ImageLil’ Seokoo going ham on the lychee-looking tree droppings.ImageImageImageImageImageCrazy cool rest area!-ImageImageImageImageImageAs I was taking this photo, my cousin had told me that it’s a custom to stack a rock on top and say a prayer.

We left after 30 minutes or so and went straight back to 분당(Bundang) to drop my mom and me off. I pretty much fell asleep to my iTouch for the whole ride.

Once we got back, I looked up the local skateshop address and plugged it in as soon as my iTouch and phone had a little more battery. I can literally skate there in 5 minutes! I talked to the guy working the counter, Jack. Fortunately he actually speaks some English and was able to tell me where the local skate spot is! On top of that, he’s actually visited the NW to skate. He knows all about Rip City Skate and Motion Boardshop up in Seattle. It really is a small world! I bought a helmet, chatted for a sec, exchanged numbers and headed to the bridge for a quick session before heading out to dinner.

Tonight, we had Chinese.

1st course-ImageSome weird wet noodles with shrimp, cucumber, beef, soy-seasoned egg and a cherry tomato. Tasted just like 물냉면(Mool nengmyun/Cold Buckwheat noodles)!

2nd course-ImageI have no idea what this one was. Some kind of soup with crab and mushrooms. I’m thinking it was egg flour?

3rd course-ImageSpicy deep fried shrimp. DANK!

4th Course-ImageEggrolls and 탕수육(Tangsooyook)! English name? The fuckin’ bomb.

5th course-ImageDoesn’t matter what this was, it tasted pretty shitty.

Main/last dish-ImageAww yeah, 자장면(Jajangmyun/black bean noodles)! Some of the best I’ve ever had! Was waiting for JUST THIS all dinner long. Soon after finishing our noodles we headed out for home. I skated ahead and got home super quick so I could shower and relax. Solid day.

That’s all, I’m off work for 2 more days, and on Wednesday I’m going up to the hills to session with the Riders over at MIND boardshop. i’ll make sure to get some good flicks for you guys!

One love!


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