Days 7-8-9

At this point I doubt I’ll be updating every day.. I’m just too lazy or too tired to out all that’s been going on. i’ll do my best to put out something for ya’ll at least every week though (:

Work has been easy on my for the most part. All i’ve really done so far is punch in business cards into Microsoft Excel, punch in receipts into Excel and some translating for BOTY Korea’s website. I mean, the stuff I do on excel is really simple but not having any Korean letters on my keyboard really slows me down. As for the translating.. I’m pretty much fucked on that. Luckily I have my mom, my dad and my cousins to help me. I asked my Dad for help and to my surprise, he sent back the whole thing translated a few hours later. Hell yeah!

Let’s go down the list, starting at day 7-

I spent all of day 7 on the name cards. Pretty easy, just really boring and repetitive. I went out with Dyzee and one of my hyungs'(I keep forgetting his name..) to lunch at 재미(Je-me). I had this bomb ass bowl of rice, some type of spicy meat with an egg on top. I don’t know what was in it, but it was amazing. It’s that picture I threw up on instagram if ya’ll follow me. If you don’t, @bigappa for all you instawhores and tweeters :).

I was too hungry. I ended up eating an extra bowl of rice along with half of my hyung’s remaining soup. 

After work I had asked my co-worker Laura if I could tag along with her to go watch Taken 2. Everyone say hi!ImageLittle bit of unnecessary background, she’s 29 years old, has been living in Korea for 6 years and came here from London. She pretty much paid for my ticket and popcorn and I’m very grateful for that 🙂 before we had left the office we were talking about how she hates people that talk during a movie, and to her luck she had a couple cupcakin’ and all that jazz right beside her HAHA. All that aside, the movie is sick! I guess it’s a little on the corny side but it’s still sick watching this guy mow down like 2103958235 different guys in the span of 2 hours. Afterwards we had parted ways and I was lucky enough to catch the last train on my last transfer going back home. This was in that last train-ImageGod damn G Dragon…

But before I had gone in to sleep, I stopped by the bridge in front of the apartments.ImageIt’s a bridge that’s has the arc of a (. The slope isn’t too great but the concrete is super smooth. It’s not like I’m able to pull fat slides yet anyways. I’ll take what I can get!

Day 8-

I spent the day working on the business cards and sorting/punching in one of my hyung’s receipts. Today was the first time it’s rained since I’ve been here. I guess it’s that time of the year here.

I went out to lunch w/ Dyzee and the same hyung again! This time we all had the 고추장 찌게(Gochujang jigae)ImageLater towards the evening, someone asked if anyone wanted icecream. My Noona had asked if I wanted some too so I gladly said yes! She told me to come over and I guess we were playing rock paper scissors for who goes out and buys for everyone playing (There were 7 others). I fuckin’ lost yo. The youngest kid in the office has to go out and buy icecream for everyone ): Although that was $8 out of my pocket, my Noona had given me her UK Bboy Championships New Era! What a come up right? I’d take a picture but I left it at the office. I already was wearing a hat so might as well bring it home another day right?

I ended up eating dinner at the office again. I ordered 김치 벅굼밥(Kimchi fried rice)ImageOnly 5000원(About $5) too!

Things started to slow down and eventually i left the office. On the way home I saw this in the subway-ImageIt’s in the same one as that orange one from my earlier post, just on the way opposite end.. Learning new things every day I guess haha. I went to go skate the bridge again for maybe 15 minutes and went home. I ended up going out to drink later all the way over in 잠실(Jamsil) which is 30-40 minutes by subway.

I got drunk at a pub somewhere around there and went to go sing karaoke at a nearby 너래방(Singing room/Karaoke lol). I ended up on a cab going all the way back the the apartments. I made it back alive even after falling asleep on the way there. I can’t tell you how lucky I am that the cab driver didn’t fuck me over. What a good night!

Day 9-

I slept in until like what.. 1:30 today? It felt great to just lay in bed until the afternoon! Mom was eager to show me my new apartment, so we went all the way to 신천(Sincheon) where my new school is. On the way there we saw this dude that was super drunk just collapsed half on the ground/half on the subway train seat. Some old dude eventually came up to him, tried getting him to get up and called the security to help him get home or something. 

A fat guy in his mid 20’s with a high pitch voice came to help him. He looked like Russel from Up ~_~

My soon-to-be apartment is pretty dope.I’ll show you guys soon but the girl living in it left it in shambles today morning. Clothes and underwear all over, make up and mirror laying on the ground, etc that kinda’ shit haha. Took a little teaser though.ImageOutside is a pretty sick tag though!ImageI didn’t expect there to be a ton of Graffiti in Korea..

And on the way back in the Subway I saw this creepy ass scuplture..ImageBunny is coming after your ass. Nigga.

Momma and I went back home, rested up for a sec and went out to go eat some dinner! I was really craving Korean bbq so we went to a nearby restaurant that seemed to be busy.

ImageYou see that meat? Yeah, they give you bricks of meet. It’s called 칼삼겹살(Kal samgyupsal) The only difference is that they give the meat to you whole and cut it up after it’s been partially cooked, then bring it back for you to finish grilling yourself. We also had some spicy 칼국수(Kal guksu) and that meat that we had back in 천안!ImageImageMy mom and I both agreed dinner was mediocre and wayyyy too overpriced for what it was. We spent 40,000원 for just the two of us, which is about $38 or so..

That’s pretty much it for today. I haven’t really done much in these last few days cause of work but please bare with me. Hope all ya’ll are doing fine back in the states.. I’m missing all the homies mad crazy. It gets lonely out here, no homo. Have a good day everyone.

One love.

  1. Rachel menefee said:

    Hahahahahahahahaha fooooooooooood
    Lol unni flipping people off XD

    glad you’re doing well brah!

  2. kiefer said:

    Awesome pics!

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