Day 5/6

Apologies for not updating last night. I had knocked out right when I had gotten back home; can’t describe how tired I was.

Yesterday, I started on my first day at my internship. Woke up 2 hours prior to the time I wanted to head out just so I knew I would have enough time to get there and be a little early. I don’t like breakfast at my Grandma’s sister’s house anymore.ImageI got lost trying to get out of the apartment complex but somehow made it to the office a few minutes early. Derpderpderp

To put the day short, I hadn’t done anything all day. I was expecting to be bussing around doing a shit tonna’ bitchwork but I just sat there and social networked all day. Never will I take that for granted again.

Every afternoon, everyone goes out to lunch around 1-2. My hyung 민기(Minki) had taken me out to this really tiny random restaurant. SAY HI!ImageYou go down this steep flight of stairs in between two buildings and there it is. I don’t remember the name, but the food is definitely top notch. Something cool about the place- They give you a huge bowl that has 콩나물(beansprout) and 김(Seaweed/Laver). You pretty much dump the rice out of your little silver rice container (You can see one in the right bottom corner in the pic above) into it and mix it all together. Between the two of us we had eaten 4 bowls of rice, a huge serving of beef and a bowl of stew.ImageThe beef isn’t the most tender but it’s so fucking flavorful! No complaints here at all. By the way, you see that stew? That’s 청국장(Chung-gook-jang, If you’ve seen Bizarre Foods- Korea you’ll know already what I’m about to say), AKA Foot smell stew AKA NDS stew AKA best tasting least nose-appetizing liquid of awesome.

Other than the awesome lunch and social networking, I really didn’t do much (as I said earlier). So I’ll just talk about the random stuff.

A random delivery of 떡(Dduk, rice cake) came in for Charlie 형(Hyung, a male’s elder brother/male figure) and everyone in the office got to have a piece or two. The first one I had was bomb, but the second one was a little funky. It was the Ricecake filling alone with some nuts inside..ImageToo rich for me haha. I enjoyed it though!

Korean Bic lighters are smaller than the American ones.ImageEveryone that works at the office gets free Red Bull. It’s awesome, there’s mini fridges for them and everything.ImageThere’s quite an extensive collection of 만화(Manhwa, Korean manga) at Cartel. This only maybe a 3rd of the total collection at the office..ImageImageI stayed at the office til’ Minki 형 was ready to go and we ended up getting some dinner at the office. Domino’s pizza, Korean style!ImageAfter we ate and cleaned up a bit, we headed over to the 지하철(Subway) and headed home.

As for Today.. I wasn’t able to take many pictures, or do much at all really. I’ve been assigned the job of punching in the information from a box full of business cards. ImageThe hard part is typing out the Korean. It’s not too bad a job though, it’s just really time consuming. i’m not even halfway done yet ):

Today for lunch, Minki형, 규진형(Gyujin Hyung) and I had gone back to the same place again, although we had the Foot Stank stew again, we ordered spicy beef this time + 순두부 찌개(Soondooboo jigae, spicy tofu stew).THAT SHIT IS TOO GOOD! I’m in love with this place! A bowl of stew is like $4 and the plate of beef is like $12… Not bad at all..

As I was doing my task, I hear Charlie 형 chasing another 형 into the meeting room and the proceeding to mollywhop his ass hahahahahahaImageSomething really awesome that happened today though- Dyzee came up to me today while I was typing them business cards down and started conversation. He eventually asked where I’m seshing over here and invited me to come out and practice at TIP studio with Seoul Seekers crew, a crew he started for foreigners living in Korea. This is a huge opportunity for me and I’m crazy stoked to start learning from such a renown Bboy.

I left the office around 8 today with Minki형 along with one of my 누나’s (a guy’s elder “sister”, same concept as Hyung but for girls) and went to Uniqlo so they could blow their bonus’s on some new gear.. I was satisfied with some Sausage Curry bread…. Mmmm……ImageThat wraps up my last two days.

I’ma go knock the fuck out now. Gotta’ get rested up so I can finish that box of business cards tomorrow. Merp..


  1. Rachel menefee said:

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH mollywhop!!!
    Aaaackk I cant wait to go to korea food looks so bomb.


    • bigappa said:

      Miss you too dawg. My mom closed the deal on an apartment today!

      • Rachel menefee said:

        Awesome!!!!!! Make sure you show everyone your new rad pad!

  2. Jonathan kim said:

    How much is the rent for the apt? And btw assface you shoulda posted this while i was at work! I was bored as shit! Anyways take it easy bro!

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