Day 4-

I gotta’ say; today was shitty.

Started the day off super early. Woke up at about 8 so my mom could drag me over to 강남 (Gangnam) for some appointment with a popular dermatologist. And yeah, -the- Gangnam. The one from the song. We left around 10, dropped off my mom’s laundry at the nearby 세탁(laundry/dry cleaner) and ended up turning around so my mom could change clothes.


She ate shit on the slippery parking garage floor.


It took about 30 minutes on the subway to get to the place. I literally talked to the guy for 2 minutes. That’s it. Biggest waste of sleep! Fortunately, the Cartel office happens to be in the area! (I know I said the office is around my school but I got the two mixed up while talking to my madre.) I called the office with my newly acquired SAMSUNG GALAXY S3!!! And took a taxi to a nearby street as momma and grams went to some dentist appointment. From what my boss Charlie said, I was supposed to take a turn into this street-

ImageThis picture was taken as I was heading back home (Fuck my life). I eventually found the place though! It’s on top of a dance studio called LETZ DANCE, which I believe is co-founded by the famous Bboy Ducky.ImageWelcome to Cartel Creative. I will be their bitch for the next year… I would usually take a flick or two of this kind of momentous occasion, but I’d feel like an idiot going around the office all stoked taking pictures of random shit. Hope that one pic is enough. BUT FOR THE SAKE OF MY FRIENDS THAT WANNA SEE WHAT I’M WORKING WITH I’LL GO PAPARAZZI TOMORROW AND POST A SHIT TON OF PICTURES UP.

The office is pretty dope though. It’s full of graffiti, vinyl toys, merchandise, and not to mention the millions of cans of redbull they got just chillin’ there. I’ma have kidney stones by the time I’m back in the states.

I sat down with Charlie Shin (one of the two co-founders of Cartel/the guy that lead me there) and talked about how soon I’ll be starting, when I’m available, that kind of stuff. My first day there will be tomorrow. I can’t tell you how nervous/stoked/clustermindfucked I am about it! Gotta’ get there by 11 sharp haha. Other than that we didn’t talk too much. He went back to reading his 만화(Manhwa/Korean manga) as I went off to start a conversation with Dyzee.

For ya’ll who don’t know Dyzee, you should go look him up. Just google “Bboy Dyzee” or something, you won’t regret it. But in a nutshell, he’s one of the most influential Bboys to the scene. As one of the three recipients of the 2011 “Spy award” and innovator of O.U.R. (Objective, Unified, Real time) System, he’s definitely up there. Enough brown nosing though..

We discussed what the Portland heads’ think of his “O.U.R. System”  and the next big move he’s working on.

The plan was to go out and look for housing with my mom after the appointment, so I wasn’t able to work today. I didn’t have anything to do there so Charlie told me to go out and get accustomed to the local area. I pretty much just went out and got lost for an hour. Here’s some of the shit I saw-

ImageThere’s a Stussy in Seoul! They were playing Ye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album inside; good choice.ImageFunny looking bar sign hahaha. The tiny clenched butthole tickled (I’m biting that ‘cab off you Rerchel) me. I was walking down one of the busier streets and saw some graf down an alleyway. Some guy spotted it a little after I did and snapped the whole place with his fancy ass DSLR while I’m posted up with my samsung point&shoot haha. Awkward.Image

ImageImageThat’s it for Gangnam today. If ya’ll don’t want to read a bunch of ranting and whining you could go ahead and skip to the next picture.

I was pretty much waiting on my Mom to call me with someone else’s phone for 2 hours. I had received two calls which I both missed while taking in the city and listening to music. I couldn’t return the calls because well… My mom doesn’t have a damn phone-……….. Fuck! On top of that, the guys at Starbucks gave me a hot Chai tea latte when I asked for on ice! Dawg, I come into your store with beads of sweat all over my forehead and you going to mistake my order for a hot drink? I didn’t want to even try to return it seeing how I was already tired and grumpy as fuck. i eventually just gave up on waiting for my mom to call and started on my way back home.Here’s a cool installment I stumbled upon at one of the stations- ImageBacktracking a quick sec- One of my coworking 형’s had seen me walking into the subway station and had contacted me on Facebook right away. Miscommunications were made and I ended up turning around after one stop, then turning back around to go home again. Face fvckin’ palm, yo…

Finally made it back to the apartment. At this point I was way too tired to go out and look for housing, so I showered, rested up for a sec and went out to dinner with Mamma Kim. On the way I saw some pretty neat stuff-ImageThis is a newer looking ones but there’s a whole bunch of these little huts where you can rest at all over.ImageSome shit (literally), a mouse and a cow. Random as fuck I know, but it was still pretty neat.

We ended up having Tonkatsu for dinner! Some of these places give you a grinding bowl filled with different types of seeds that you mix with your sauce. I love going ham on these bitches!ImageOn the left is an untouched bowl, on the right is the one I pounded the shit out of. Here’s some food porn for yall-ImageFact-My brother and I both fuckin’ LOVE Tonkatsu.

I was supposed to go shopping with my mom but the Itis hit me hard after dinner, so I headed back to the apartment. Here’s another fact-

Asians don’t fuck around when it comes to their fruit.ImageYou see that shit? I’m not talking about the asian pears’, the silver cutlery or the plate with the gold trim; naw I’m talking about them gold kiwis’.

I’ll give ya’ll some time so you can pick up the pieces of your mind that I just blew off.



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