Day 3!

So today was pretty much a go with the flow type of day. Went skating in the morning for about 30 minutes and ended up going back to the apartment, due to the fact that i kept eating shit. Went back to sleep for a little while and ended up going to Cheonan with my Momma to go visit my 할머니(grandma).


Soon after, the three of us went out to go meet up with my two cousins at the local church. One had to stay there for small group, but the younger one came out with us. We went out to the backroads around the terminal area for lunch. On the way there I spotted out a pretty cool piece outside of a cafe.


I kept asking my mom to take a picture for me but she just ignored and kept walking… So I smashed $20 worth of pork to myself at a joint called 서래(So-re). Yeah, you pay for my food!Image

You guys do not understand how fvck!ng bomb that meat was. Last time I was here, I remember I got piss drunk with my brother in front of Momma Kim and grandma. Great times with the fam!

Since my older cousin was with us we thought it’d be a good chance to go out and get some cell phone shopping done. We figured she’d know a lot more than us but turns out we’re nearly at par.. It was cool just going around and talking with her though! But back to the point, I got an S3 WOOOOHOOO!



After all of that, we went to Starbucks to grab a drink and chill for a second. I got a chai tea latte like I’ve been doing lately. That shit tastes like gingerbread yo-…

We headed back to my grandma’s house, I took a shower, talked for a bit and went out to the terminal to head back to Bundang/분당.


Today has been pretty sweet. I hope ya’ll that are keeping up with me are doing aight. Take care everyone, good night.

  1. Zacbeck said:

    Hell yeah man. I’m digging the blog.

  2. Marsh said:

    Grind everyday like its ur last.

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